We are the garden maintenance specialists

One of life’s simple pleasures is to enjoy a well-maintained and attractive garden. For many people, that enjoyment comes through actually working in the garden themselves. For those who have neither the time nor the knowledge but still wish to enjoy the beauty and serenity of their garden there are the garden services, landscape services and landscape design experts at Amico.


At Amico we specialise in garden maintenance and garden design services and providing expert garden care and horticultural reports to ensure a well maintained, attractive and healthy garden (or commercial landscaping) that gives you, the owner, all the enjoyment without any of the hard work.


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Garden Maintenance


Landscaping & Irrigation


Tree Work

Our professional service standards

Our staffs maintain the highest levels of professionalism – not normally associated with our industry. Our maintenance standards are based on dependability at all times, coupled with a fast and efficient response process for customer quotes and advice for all garden services.

High level of Quality, Service & Offerings

Our expert garden maintenance and commercial landscaping service is broad and comprehensive in order to provide a ‘one call does it all’ solution to manage all your garden services and landscape gardening needs. Our Garden Management specialists work in ‘teams’ in order to minimise disruption time and maximise efficiency.


We are the garden maintenance specialists and have been providing the garden maintenance and garden services needs of Sydney customers for over 15 years, many of our foundation clients remain customers to this day.